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Based on ‘Szczerze’ the diaries of Donald Tusk.

A trans-continental collaboration that traces the story of Europe in our time: from the collapse of communism to the integration of the East and triumph of the liberal centre, to the resurgence of radical populism and nationalist separatism. Centred on Tusk’s own journey from student activist in Gdansk to President of the European Council in Brussels, it is the struggle of the individual with the forces of history and – as we are engulfed by the greatest global crisis since 1945 – asks that most fundamental of questions: do our actions matter?

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THE ANARCHY / दी ऎन॔की

Based on William Dalrymple’s sensational new book.

The story of the East India Company’s domination of India, the production will be devised by an Indian/UK cast and creative team. 50 turbulent years of high drama in the 18th century saw the first power-grab in international corporate history. Littered with great characters and extraordinary event, The Anarchy asks essential questions about the forces and legacy of global capitalism, European colonialism, and political communalism.

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Adapted from the great Chinese novel by Cao Xueqin.

Written in the 1750s, Dream of the Red Chamber is the 2500-page epic tale of a noble family and its’ fall from grace. Taking place within the walls of a great household and focused on the women of the family and the women who serve them, the astonishing narrative and cast of characters create an essential social, cultural and spiritual portrait of China. This startling drama of wealth and power, hierarchy and tradition, marriage and sexuality, class and servitude, and material and spiritual ambition will be created in Mandarin with a Chinese cast.

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